A beef with XCode...

I am in the beginning stages of rewriting an application. I am also in the process of breaking a “bad” habit of capitalizing the first letter of variable and handler names. So, why is that when I have both my old project open (for reference) and my new project open and in front and I enter the variable and handler names from scratch with proper capitalization the capitalization is changed to match the OLD project? Do I have to close my old project before I build my new project to get it to behave? That is just ridiculous!

Anyway, I feel better now. I have vented. My new project has been tossed in the trash and the trash emptied so I can start over ONCE AGAIN! I know, if I didn’t develop bad habits in the first place I wouldn’t have to break them! :lol:

UPDATE: Seems the old project doesn’t even have to be open for the capitalization to revert to it’s old ways! Starting completely from scratch, and entering the variables all by scratch results in the same capitalization when built. Come on Xcode let a guy move beyond his mistakes already. :mad: