App crashes when certain GUI controls are added

Hello everybody,

I am new here, so… Hi!

This problem is really weird. I built a little GUI in Interface Builder. I simulated it. I ran my app from Xcode. Everything fine. Then I added some more GUI controls. Surprisingly, now my app crashes about 100 ms after the GUI is drawn. Simulation still works. When I remove the newly added controls, my app will run again.

Here are some of the “bad setups”:

  1. Panel → Tab View → Box: Will run with box removed.
  2. Panel → Tab View → Push Button: Will run with button removed.
  3. Panel → Tab View → Table View: Will run with table removed.

Can anyone confirm this? Is it me? A bug?

A labels-only app is not what I intended to create… :slight_smile:

Regards, Markus

Hi Markus and welcome to MacScripter!

It is difficult to tell without seeing the project. Would you mind emailing it
to me?




Craig solved this. The disappearing panels were caused by “Hide On Deactivate” being activated.

Now, why do the very same panels hide when the main window displays a file choose dialog and don’t reappear after the dialog has been closed?

Regards, Markus