Apple Remote Access control panel application AppleScript 1.5.5

Apple Remote Access Control Panel Application
Mac OS 9.1 updates Apple Remote Access to version 4.0. The old Remote Access Commands scripting addition is not installed with Mac OS 9.1 because it is not compatible with Remote Access 4.0. However, it is not automatically removed when updating from an earlier version of Mac OS, so you may want to remove it manually if it still exists in your System.

Scripts using any of the commands provided by Remote Access Commands should be rewritten to use Network Setup Scripting, instead. Examples can be found in the Open Transport (Networking) AppleScript Guidebook module. Appleā€™s Chris Espinosa has been widely quoted as saying,

We moved the functionality of the Remote Access Commands scripting addition into Network Setup Scripting several versions ago, in Mac OS 8.6. As with most product obsolescence plans, we staged its removal from the OS.

As noted below in the New Bugs in Mac OS 9.1 section, however, the Status property in the Remote Access configuration class defined in Network Setup Scripting does not work correctly in Mac OS 9.1.

The Protocol property of the Remote Access configuration class in Network Setup Scripting still refers to ARAP, although the ARAP capability has been removed from Apple Remote Access 4.0.