AppleScript 1.3.7 (Mac OS 8.6)


According to Technote 1163, the bugs of interest to scripters listed below have been fixed. Additional bug fixes of interest to programmers are also listed in the Technote.

A memory leak while compiling scripts has been fixed.
Folder actions can no longer be attached to invisible folders.
The add - reject added items script has been fixed to prevent an infinite loop when attaching it to a folder.
The move - align open sub-folders script now works on pop-up windows.
A memory leak in unit conversions has been fixed.
The ‘miles’ unit type coercion now works.
Miscellaneous small memory leaks and intermittent crashes have been fixed.
The Apple Remote Access password can now be scripted correctly in the Network Setup Extension, allowing fully-automatic PPP connections. The ‘Find by content’ speakable item now talks to Sherlock instead of Find.

There is a feature, not really a bug, in the Mac OS 8.6 update installer which nevertheless bit a few AppleScripters very badly. In Mac OS 8.5, the trademark symbol was removed from the name of the AppleScript folder in the Apple Extras folder, for good and sufficient reasons. However, some people apparently kept the folder with the trademark symbol and used it to store their AppleScript work product. Along came the Mac OS 8.6 update installer and helpfully deleted obsolete folders and all their contents including any folder named AppleScript with a trailing trademark symbol. I sure hope they kept backups!

The Desktop Printer Manager has a distressing tendency to run out of memory. Mac OS 8.6: Out of Memory running an AppleScript (#31064 7/27/99, updated 7/30/99) explains how to use ResEdit to fix it.

In July 1999, Andy Bachorski of Apple indicated that the Network Scripting Extension does not properly implement the ‘begin/end transaction’ commands. The implementation is not very good in the Network Scripting case. There should not have been an end transaction event explicitly added to the terminology, nor should there be a begin transaction in the terminology. In the case of Network Scripting you don’t need to use ‘with transaction’ – it serves no purpose as the transaction ID attribute is ignored.