AppleScript Error -10664…Anyone know it?

I’ve searched high and low for this one, but can’t get a lead. Anyone able to point me in the right direction?


Would be useful if you can tell us a bit more. Because it’s not a standard AS error it’s probably in third party software.

The error number itself doesn’t say much because I can easily trigger it myself

run script a

script a
	error -10644
end script 

Thanks for responding.

When my program launches, it asks the Calendar app for a list of calendars and then loads the list in a combo box. On this customer’s machine (same app version and OS version as mine), Calendar does not launch in response to the query and the error is generated.

The workaround for her was to simply launch Calendar first and then launch my app. Everything works fine then. This is isolated to her machine only (hundreds of other users and no complaints thus far) and I can’t reproduce the problem.

Could this be a result of the name change from “iCal” to “Calendar” with Mountain Lion?


Just a thought: Does the same error applies when you wrap the code in ‘using terms from’ block?

Sorry for such a poor help but my practical experience in AS-Studio ends in Snow Leopard. Since the error happens in Mountain Lion I can’t be much of a help I’m afraid.

What is the text of the error?

As DJ suggested, error numbers starting with -10000 are application errors.

“AppleScript Error”
“An error of type -10664 has occurred. (-10664)”

Shane; Not much help there I’m afraid.

DJ; As far as any testing of code, I really can’t because I can’t reproduce the error on my machine and I don’t have access to the problem machine.

This isn’t a huge deal for me, but I’ve never been unable to find anything on an error code before. Obviously there is a lot under the hood in AppleScript that I don’t understand. The only thing I find suspect is the app name change from “iCal” to “Calendar”. When I reopen my project, “iCal” is automagically replaced by “Calendar” in all the Tells. I’m still compiling under Snow Leopard myself using Xcode 3.2.6.

Thanks for the help.

So what if you compile with:

tell application id ""

Because the id hasn’t changed with the new name. That will at least rule in or out whether the name change is the culprit.

Thanks Shane. I’ll see if I can get the user to try a new build using the id and report back.