AppleScript Error: Namespace SIGNAL, Code 11 Segmentation fault: 11

Namespace SIGNAL, Code 11 Segmentation fault: 11

I google this error, it happens to me when I do things in main thread with AppleScript. Some say its not a error its compile error. Other say it happen when execution try to access memory it doesn’t have access to.

To be clear, the code I use do work… it only happen sometimes.

Anyone have any clue ??

It’s a memory error, but at such a low level it might as well be code 42.

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I have a feeling this error become more frequent when more resources are used.

This is likely caused by invalid object references or bad pointers. Which is either due to a bug in the program you’re scripting or because you’re calling non-Applescript functions, e.g. via the ObjC bridge. Are you doing that?

It happens sometimes when I do AppleScript on main thread. I use AppleScriptObjC code
and I use AppKit and other frameworks. If I run the same code again it works without error.
In other words it happens sometimes and for the most times it works.

The code is running from Script Editor, do you suggest I will run it somewhere else?

Yes, that’s what I meant - if you pass object refs that are not valid, you’d run into this type of crash. For example, if you keep using an object that has already been freed.

And why do you mention “main thread”? Are you also running AppleScript code in other (background) threads? That might be instable in itself, but I’m not sure.

When I use AppKit I need to run it on main thread.

I have used same approach on Mojave without any issues. It start on Monterey.
I always start with this, and it has work very well.

use framework "AppKit"

property arguments : missing value

on run
		if my NSThread's isMainThread() as boolean then
			my performDialog:arguments
			my performSelectorOnMainThread:"performDialog:" withObject:"arguments" waitUntilDone:true
		end if
	on error the errorMessage number the errorNumber
		set the ErrorText to "Error: " & the errorNumber & ". " & the errorMessage
		return the ErrorText
	end try
end run

on performDialog:arguments
	-- Some code
end performDialog: