AppleScript Studio and Naming

It has been years since I used AppleScript Studio and now I need to make a minor adjustment to an old application I wrote and I have forgotten a basic issue. Can anyone help?

I am using Xcode 3.2.6 and Interface Builder 3.2.6. I have a volume using OSX 10.6.8 and everything seems to be running fine. I am in Interface Builder, and I have added a checkbox to a dialog box I created long ago. I see where the “Title” is (which allows one to change the text that is displayed), but where is the name that I access the checkbox with in the code? That is, the previous code said, for instance:

tell window “TheWindow”

set FirstCheckBoxStatus to contents of button "cbFirst"


Now I want to add a simple line of code:

set SecondCheckBoxStatus to contents of button “cbSecond”

Sounds simple, and the code is obviously not an issue, but the issue is in Interface Builder. Where do I set the label “cbSecond” ?

I feel I have looked at all the inspectors, but no luck. It seems to me this was somewhat complicated at the time (it had something to do with the inspector), and I have forgotten it.

Anyone remember how to do this?

You probably need to turn AppleScript-Studio support on (it’s off by default in interface builder and Mac OS X 10.6). The reason why it’s disable to encourage you to use AppleScriptObjC.

here I have found with google how you can enable it again

That did it! Thanks, DJ!