Application Switcher

Application Switcher

Apple’s recent penchant for making some features of system components available only via AppleScript has led to a deluge of AppleScript-based solutions. The Application Switcher seems to have drawn more attention than others.

Bill Reising has posted three AppleScripts for Mac OS 8.5 only. One is a copy of Apple’s own script to reset the Application Switcher to its default. Another places the Application Switcher where Bill likes it and with his favorite settings. Both are run-only, meaning that you can’t edit them to suit your own preferences, nor even see how he did it.

Raul has posted another set of similar scripts.

Trevor Page of MAX Consulting has written Application Switcher Prefs (formerly Dock Settings), a FaceSpan application which allows Mac users to set all the hidden preferences of the Mac OS 8.5 Application Switcher menu and tear-off palette using a control panel format.

Fraser Speirs posted SwitchBox 1.1, another FaceSpan application for controlling the Mac OS 8.5 Application
Switcher. This one is unlike others in that it includes the ability to save sets of settings and switch among them. 10/13/99