Curious about how to proceed

I work in printing and have written some scripts to help automate various processes. Now, we are finding a need to put together some more robust and versatile solutions. I’ve begun to poke around with ASS and Xcode. However, I also see where some folks are touting AppleScriptObjC and Xcode. I don’t have a lot of time and resources, so I want to get the biggest bang for my buck. I’m going to need to go one way or the other. My quandary? Which one? Any input will be appreciated.
Mac OSX 10.7.4

It’s not a matter of touting. ASStudio was deprecated in 10.6. Unless you’re happy to use something that was declared obsolete two OS releases ago, you have no choice.

Thank you for your candor.
I guess I’ll be ordering your book soon.