Determining When Web Page Is Loaded In Opera

Well, you can, in any browser that supports Javascript, which is all of the current browsers today, but the thing is, that javascript, can’t really do much more than extract values, and manipulate webpages, well, you can store some items in local storage with html5, but it is that, or showing the values in an Alert box.

You should also be able to close a window. The thing is, that the OP, would then have to execute a bookmark one time per webpage he wants to close, you can’t make a bookmarklet, that could operate on all tabs in a window, to my knowledge, anyway.

The other issue is that it isn’t very pleasant to write javascript bookmarks. But it is doable, as long as the OP, hits the bookmark for each page. :slight_smile:

I’m sorry that I misread you earlier, but the thing is, that Apple has never added javascript you could use in any browser, so I guess I read it in the sense that Apple had added JXA. :slight_smile:

Darn, I thought you could use javascript in any browser.

BTW, the other night I saw a huge meteor over Kaneohe bay! You could see the tail and everything. It was the first time I have ever seen something like that. I’ve seen meteor showers, but this was more beautiful than that.

Have a good day, :smiley:

Yes, in GUI environments javascript works in every browser by now, but it wasn’t Apple that saw to that. :slight_smile:

Great to see meteors, that close, scary too I guess.

Not scary, but beautiful! :slight_smile: Also, AppleScript is beautiful! :smiley:

I can’t air my own adjectives on AppleScript, which some might find to be sexist remarks, so I agree upon beautiful. :slight_smile:

AppleScript is surely a beautiful language. In no other computer can you controls applications as you can with AppleScript. In fact that is the main reason why I buy Apple computers. If there was no AppleScript many af the base buyers would not be there. I’d bet on that.

As time changes, and we walk through the many changes, we create and mold our scripts. Like artists Walking in the sands of the changes. It’s beautiful.

Don’t mind me I love Apple computers.