Does this Site get Updated?

Is there any management on this site? Tried to contact the Admin dude, but the form doesn’t work.


  • Admin contact form doesn’t work
  • My notifications of replies doesn’t work
  • Auto login doesn’t work
  • Others are recently reporting they can’t subscribe to posts and replies

I’d say these are major features that keep this place functioning properly. Ironic since it’s a bunch of developers.

Any insight?


Oh look, I’m getting replies now.

Has anyone noticed that when you use the applescript tab, sometimes the site turns it into AppleScript (camel case) which doesn’t work?

I haven’t seen that. But this site also has my other thread which demonstrates auto-login and auto-subscription…don’t work.

Site needs work. Minimal work, but work that makes this site effective, as promised.

You know, they’d probably be open to volunteers if you wanted to pitch in!

I doubt I would know the platform they are using. Looks like PHP 5 (FluxBB), which should have all the items built in and thoroughly tested. I don’t go near PHP.

Second, it sounds like it literally takes a bit of attention. Given the fact that ongoing issues are still happening, there doesn’t seem to have anybody here.

Running such a website also means maintaining it.

Yes. Several people have posted code here recently with camel-case tags and not corrected them.

The only way I’ve been able to reproduce an automatic switch to camel case on my Mojave system is to have “Correct Spelling Automatically” checked in the “Spelling and Grammar” sub-menu of Safari’s “Edit” menu and (presumably) to have the word “AppleScript” in a spelling dictionary somewhere.

“Spelling and Grammar” is normally greyed out in my Safari unless the page being displayed is one in which I can enter text, such as a MacScripter posting page, so it can only be checked or unchecked while such a page is showing. The setting sticks, so there’s no need to keep doing it unless you actually want to change it.