Get Files Whose Displayed Name Contains Even/Odd Numerals

Thanks for doing the test; sorry about leaving copy instead of move in there.

Which is sort of how many of us learned to script in the first place.

Yes, although I was thinking more in terms of how some of the example scripts would behave when a file is found by both regexes (none of your regicide here, thank you ;)), and it’s already been moved by the time the second lot of moving is attempted.

Not a problem. It was a good way to push me to search in Xcode’s help.
Often, the names given to features - probably clear for those whose English is the main language - are a bit complicated for me but in this case my old scholar English was sufficient.

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Wow guys. Thanks for the responses. I’ll just be over here picking up my brain which just oozed out me ear.

Here’s the background for the script. I have bunch of PDF’s created from scans of a book that I want to recombine to re-create the book. However, they were all scanned in using a copy machine that didn’t have any sorting or collating functions. As a result, the original was scanned twice; once in a regular position and the second time upside down. The first scan yielded the correct orientation of the binding on the even pages. The second scan yielded the correct orientation of the binding on the odd pages. If you combine the even pages of the first scan and the odd pages of the second scan into one PDF file, you can then print 2 sided and have a book you just need to run through a 3 hole punch and put in a binder.

I thought there might be an easy way to use a list of numbers up to 200 (since I knew there wasn’t more than 200 pages in the original) to separate the files.

To resume the problem, according to my understanding,

(1) There was no risk to have two numbers embedded in a file name which is fine because we have no way to decide which one would be significant if they were two or more.
(2) There was no real need to drop numbers greater than 200.
This time you have less than 200 files but on day the original document may have more than 200 pages.
(3) It seems that the availability of zeros in front of numerical value was not a problem.

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