I love Apple, but they messed up big...


thank you again. It is working ! :slight_smile:

Have added it before the “set {{x:x1 …” line

tell textField to setFrameSize_({200, 100})
set theFrame to textField’s frame()
set {{x:x1, y:y1}, {width:theWidth2, height:theHeight2}} to theFrame as list

Step by step I am learning, baby steps !

Is it ok to ask another question (or more :wink: ?

How can make the text field scrolling, if the content is too long ?
Or how can I make the font smaller if it is too long ?

best regards

I would consider a text view.

As Richard said, you want an NSTextView rather than an NSTextField.

hmmh, two answers an I still have difficulties to find the right object. Sorry!
In the Library I am finding only TextView which is “NSTextView in an NSScrollView”, but it is not working for me.

Is there something I am overlooking ?

thank you

Make sure you IB link goes to the top of the text view, there will be a thinner separate box at the top, this is the actual text view, the rest is a scroll view.

And as in my tutorial and other examples, the 2 key methods are |string|() and setString() rather than stringValue() and setStringValue()

wow, that was very quick!
And I see now the text. Great!
If the text is longer than the text box I am able to scroll.

It is not scrolling automatically from left to right.
I guess I have to show you what I want to do.
Will create some pictures and post it here.

Very very good forum here !

THANK YOU, Richard, Shane, Craig and all!

Or a link to the zipped project folder, you have Mobile Me? Or any file sharing site.

Yes, I have MobileMe and I am just uploading a screenshot movie to demonstrate what the application is doing.
The movie is 36 MB and my upload speed is very very slow. It takes 20 minutes, could be even more and it is quite late here in Germany.
Tomorrow I will post the link to my public MobileMe folder.
Next step is then to upload the zipped project folder.
Sorry for the delay.
best regards

here the link to the demonstration how the application is working:

And inside the application I have written:

– Have used two Applescripts as “templates” to realize this application

– No 1
Applescript Code for this Image View is mainly
“Art to Desktop” for iTunes
written by Doug Adams
v2.1 sept 10 2009
– updated for Snow Leopard compatibility
– enhancements and finesses

(there are additions from myself, to view all images in the artist folder as well)

– No 2
db iTunes Fade-and-Advance
By David Battino, Batmosphere.com
Version 2009-03-03JJ
Based on ideas from Doug’s AppleScripts and Mac OS Hints

See [url=http://www.oreillynet.com/mac/blog/2007/03/itunes_fadeout_script.html]www.oreillynet.com/mac/blog/2007/03/itunes_fadeout_script.html[/url] for background


This script fades out iTunes if it's playing and then plays the next song.
If iTunes is paused, the script will start playback.

And here I have found very good tipps & tricks

Slider Control
Mouse Control
Color control


Craig Williams has created 5 very good tutorial about the new Xcode Applescript


Infos about the Idle Function you will find here:

And here the link where I have found how to display a picture:

The buttons have been designed and created by myself with Photoshop 6.0


And again I have a question:
How is it posssible to this text in the ABOUT or HELP popup, to give credit to all who has helped?

best regards

I don’t know how but you could too easily add a credits item to the app name menu with a window with a text view.

Hi Richard,
yes, that was my thought as well, but I wanted to have it “professional” :slight_smile:

Here the link to project source code.
Zipped Project Files

You need to have jpg or png pictures in the iTunes artist folder.
If it is a compilation then it is looking in the artist folder as well.
If you press the button “Open/create Artist folder …” then the finder is checking if such a folder exists.
If yes, it opens this folder. If no, it creates such a folder.
Then Safari is searching for the artist name in google pictures medium size.
Now you can open the full size picture and drag it to the artist folder.
Update: Goal is to automate that step. With a confirmation step to make sure the picture is the the right one.

The skip forward button with an S skips to the selected song in iTunes.
All the other buttons fade in and out to the next or previous song.

Have fun and please give feedback!

best regards

Save the info in a file called Credits.html, Credits.rtf or Credits.rtfd, and add the file to your project. It will appear in the About box automatically.

thank you ! After some trys and errors it worked.
Have created the file in pages and exported it in rtf format.
Then I dragged it into the project under “resources”.


Wow thanks Shane, when you mentioned that I suddenly remembered something about it in the document template.


The script will not compile, it wants an end of line where there is a quote next to growl, this isn’t my script, and I think this section isn’t yours XD, these problems can be quite complicated if you don’t know the script inside out, especially one… how big?.. that’s double my finished Dialog Maker class, I’m clueless, do you know what’s wrong? You sound as if you have a working copy.

Edit: do I need an app? I see tell and something with growl in it.

Sorry Richard,
have added variable which controls if GROWL is active or not and I have set it to inactive.
So you do not need this little information apps.
I understand only 10% of your email, but I hope it solves the issue.

Please try again to download.

best regards

Sorry I post late at night sometimes when my head is in a mess.

I’m afraid it still happens in this area:

if isRunning then
					tell application "GrowlHelperApp"
						-- Make a list of all the notification types that this script will ever send:
						set the allNotificationsList to ¬
							{"Song Notification"}
						-- Make a list of the notifications that will be enabled by default. 
						-- Those not enabled by default can be enabled later 
						-- in the 'Applications' tab of the growl prefpane.
						set the enabledNotificationsList to ¬
							{"Song Notification"}
						-- Register our script with growl.
						-- You can optionally (as here) set a default icon 
						-- for this script's notifications.
						register as application ¬
							"Growl Song ID" all notifications allNotificationsList ¬--error is first quote of this line, have you complied this yourself?
							default notifications enabledNotificationsList ¬
							icon of application "iTunes"
					end tell
				end if
			end if

If I comment it outI get a similar error here (line 1047):

if nActiveGrowl = 1 then
								if isRunning then
									tell application "GrowlHelperApp"
										notify with name "Song Notification" title "Now Playing . . ." description "'" & theSong & "'" & " by '" & theBand & "'" application name "Growl Song ID"
									end tell
								end if
							end if

Same again with similar 40 lines down.
Another same as the first around 1166
The list is endless, it seems this app almost solely depend on this GrowlHelperApp and these 2 patterns (he should have subroutined these for definite), Xcode cannot recognise these app specific lines without it either.

Also you have multiple of the same subroutine skipToNextSong_(sender)

Growl is a system information application, used by a lot of applications like cyberduck, forklift, Western Digital Backup, just to name the ones I am using.

Is it possible for you to delete the lines completely?

Wait, I comment it out.

Just a minute or two.

Update: Done, I have surrounded it with (* *) and uploaded it again.
It is the first time I am sharing a Mac application, so I could expect such issues. Sorry!

best Regards

PS: Last months I was in Hatfield UK for 3 weeks. It is in Herefordshire as well. :slight_smile: