⌘... in AppleScriptObjC

Hi All.

Here is trivial question about AppleScriptObjC code here on macscripter.net

I have seen this:

property |⌘| : a reference to current application
set |⌘| : a reference to current application

I do understand what the reference means but more curious why that character.

⌘ <== has many names:

Place of interest sign
Command Key
Apple Key
Clover Key
Open-Apple Key
Splat Key
Pretzel Key
Propeller Key
Looped Square

Search on my Swedish layout keyboard if there was a shortcut… like option + a give 

Checked English keyboard

So what is the story here?, fan of ‘Susan Kare’… :slight_smile:



It’s just a symbol I chose to save having to keep typing out ‘current application’ and to reduce clutter in my ASObjC scripts. It’s not official and there’s nothing special about it. It just gives me an impression of “the machinery” when viewed in the AppleScript formatting I use. :slight_smile:

One or two people here seem to have adopted it too. Others use the same idea but with a different symbol. But any legal name for a variable will do, although letters don’t make such good visual anchors in the code.

Nigel, did you know here in Sweden we use that as an road sign. :wink:


I do agree with you, it’s nice.

I made text shortcurt of ⌘ in Sweden we call it ‘Sedvärdhet’
translated to English.