Live/Scheduled content play with targetURL

I like to share a interesting idea I had ‘The possibility to automate a live or scheduled event’
To make this I decide to make web application to be executed from event from Calendar app.


Webinar, live-streams, local tv stations…

So I decide to make a web application with a target URL I use ‘nativefier’ to build my web application. I made a event in Calendar app with alarm (here I choose the web app name)
with start time.

brew install nativefier if you like to build your web app.

This didn’t involve any AppleScript but we could Instead use Safari to open the targetURL to play
the live/schedule content. The process is very simple and only take a few minutes to setup
manually. With AppleScrip I’m sure it could be seconds… :slight_smile:

Other approach is to use AppleScript to change the json in the web application bundle to
specific URL before the web app is executed. All this could be done in AppleScript.

I do not have any example but I will maybe do something other day.