NSOperationQueue in ASOC

Do you mean my app won’t freeze if I split my background method? And I didn’t understand “intersperse it with calls that run the event queue”. Could you tell me what it means?

But the other apps have more threads. Is there any way to spare CPU capacity for background thread whether CPU is busy or not?

I’m in trouble because I can’t make my app non-freezing. Without deleting freeze, I can’t release my app.

I think the best thing to do is to do some reading about how the event loop works. You can put long-running methods on a background thread, but that makes them difficult to interrupt.

There’s an example in my book of a progress dialog, and how to have a Stop button in it, using the doEventFetch() handler I posted earlier. I suspect it’s the approach you should be looking at.

I’ve decided to rewrite my code with Objective-C because ASOC has a lot of limits.
This is a very hard work, but I will do it. Thank you.