Prepping apps for 10.6? Working in 10.5 now...

I haven’t had enough time to read and do the tutorials on ASOC yet, plus at my job I am still working in 10.5, with no upgrade to 10.6 in sight. (I have 10.6 at home but don’t spend a lot of time programming at home.)

With that in mind, how would I prepare to rework my applications in 10.6 and ASOC when I get there? IE, if I can’t name a object in the UI with IB and the Applescript panel in 10.6, what is the best thing for me to do in 10.5 to make the transition easier? How will I call on a text field for example in 10.6?
I’ve read that any and all “tell app Finder” blocks should be stripped out as much as possible.
What else can I or should I do? (I’m already learning Cocoa so I can rebuild some things natively now.)

Sorry if you covered it elsewhere, feel free to point to it.


There’s not a lot of preparation you can do – the methods are quite different. If you’re looking at Cocoa, have a good look at bindings – they can save you a lot of code.