Question: (about

I like to ask a question about

Sometimes there is links with host:
This links store files… but it never work to download anything.

Have whose links ever work on ??

I have little fun with sqlite3 in command-line.

sqlite3 ~/Library/Safari/History.db “select url from history_items” | grep “

maybe the next thing is to use Shanes Sqlite Library


Hi Frederik71.

Sorry for this late reply. I’ve only just spotted your post. :confused:

The domain doesn’t exist any more as far as I can tell. I think it was connected with a long-gone section of the site called “ScriptBuilders”, where people who’d registered additionally for it could upload working copies of scripts they’d written. Similar to “Code Exchange”, but physical scripts with all the necessary resources included. Ray shut this down suddenly some years ago and the scripts (mine at least) wound up on various third-party download sites. I’ve no idea where most of my stuff went, so I’ve never been able to keep it publicly updated. :confused: