Referring to items inside tab views

Please guys, anything will help. ANY suggestions. Anything that might help me solve my problem. I posted this in the Programming thread, but I didn’t get any help, so I’m hoping the higher traffic here will help.
I’m making a program with AppleScript Studio, and in my interface (built using Interface Builder), I have a tab collection. I have 3 tabs. Inside each of the tabs, I have a bunch of progress bars and text fields that I want to refer to. The problem is, I can’t seem to figure out how!
Usually, the format for a progress bar in a normal window is:
progress indicator “ProgressBar1” of window “Window1”
For tabs, I’ve tried all of these combinations:
progress indicator “ProgressBar1” of tab view “TabCollection” of window “Window1”
progress indicator “ProgressBar1” of tab view item “Tab1” of window “Window1”
progress indicator “ProgressBar1” of tab view item “Tab1” of tab view “TabCollection” of window “Window1”
and even the simple:
progress indicator “ProgressBar1” of window “Window1”
None of these things work.
Maybe I’m doing something wrong somewhere else, but I really don’t think so – I’ve triple and quadruple checked that I’m referring to the correct names and that each item DOES have an AppleScript name. But, if someone could tell me exactly how to refer to items inside these tabs, I could figure out precisely where my problem is.
Please, ANY reasonable suggestions will do, no matter how trivial they might seem. The other day, I didn’t name a window, and that’s what was causing my problem.

: progress indicator “ProgressBar1” of tab view item
: “Tab1” of tab view “TabCollection” of
: window “Window1”

I had the same question back in Dec… try this:[code:1:000]progress indicator “ProgressBar1” of view 1 of tab view item “Tab1” of tab view “TabCollection” of window “Window1”[/code:1:000]
(view rather than view 1 should also work)… For some reason, the tab view item contains all its objects in a separate view. Since it wasn’t really covered in the example projects, references to tab view objects is one of the top subjects on the AppleScript Studio mailing list. It’s a great source for AS-Studio info, answers & examples.