Replacing dialogs with windows

How do I open/close windows and also stop a window opening when I start. I basically want a similar to AS text entry dialog with a bigger text field.

Thanks :slight_smile:

I am not sure what you are wanting to accomplish here. It sounds like you want to have your application behave as a script so you can get the larger text field for a user to type into. If this is the case.

set largerInputBox to return & return & return & return & return
display dialog "Enter text" default answer largerInputBox

If you just want your main window not visible at launch, click on the window and uncheck “Visible at Launch” in the attributes of the Inspector window. You will have to add a menu item or something else to open the window back up when you need it.

My English went down the crapper, sorry dreadfully written, I wanted to know how to open (or make visible as the inspector puts it) and then close it with a button click, obviously after read/write tasks of my own.


If you close the window do you want to leave the application running?
If so, control drag from your button to the window and choose “performClose:”

If you want a way to get back to your window, add another item to your menu
and control drag from the menu item to the window and choose “makeKeyAndOrderFront:”

I want the button to perform my write actions and then close it.