run javascript from applescriptobjc code

You could first gather all installed PS versions, something like this

property minimumPSVersion : 2
property maximumPSVersion : 6

set installedPSVersions to {}
set applicationFolder to path to applications folder as text
repeat with i from minimumPSVersion to maximumPSVersion
	set currentPhotoshop to "Adobe Photoshop CS" & i
	set currentPSAppPath to applicationFolder & currentPhotoshop & ":" & currentPhotoshop & ".app"
	tell application "Finder"
		if exists file currentPSAppPath then set end of installedPSVersions to currentPSAppPath
	end tell
end repeat
set numberOfInstalledPSVersions to count installedPSVersions
if numberOfInstalledPSVersions = 0 then
	-- error handling no Photoshop installed
else if numberOfInstalledPSVersions = 1 then
	set currentPhotoshop to item 1 of installedPSVersions
	-- choose from list installedPSVersions
end if

thanks stefan…