Script Editor accept underline.

Hi All, I hope everyone is fine.

Script Editor accept underline.

Today I find something of a surprise in Script Editor.
I was playing with the formatting of the text visual from the preference setting.

So the next step was to see what osadecompile does if a Script has underline.
The result is no underline in the AS Script so I guess it will not be a issue.

I find it to be easier to follow the code with underline. Specially from the event log its very useful.

Anyone else try this, or had any issue to use underline in the text formatting.


Hi Fredrik71.

Yes. Sometimes people use an underline style for application or OSAX keywords, as it’s particularly good at indicating multi-word terms.

osadecompile ignores all formatting.

In fact, you can use any formatting you like. Usually it’s just the basic formatting you might use for an NSAttributedString, but its essentially just stored as a dictionary of attributes for each style. An app can, for example, add its own custom attributes – they might not be visible, but they can still be used. The compiler than just returns an NSAttributedString with the attributes applied.

(I used this quite a bit on ASObjC Explorer to simplify parsing of compiled code.)

Thanks, very intresting… I’m getting older and so my eyes is not as sharp as it use to be anymore.

Nigel or Shane…

Do you know if there is reference documentation of all the Attributes keywords in formatting
that AS use. I do know the some of them… class, variable and subrutines, comments…

I was searching on google to know more about them all to custom it more…

ex. I’m a big fan of Menlo font but I only use it as String… and Verdana is used elsewhere…


The nearest thing to a reference is the header file. Do a search for ASGetSourceStyleNames() in Xcode. But it doesn’t tell you a lot more than you see in a script editor’s preferences dialog.