Scripting addition for user defaults?

It’s no use arguing with me about it. Faceless apps do not belong into the Apps folder.

I’d rather someone answer my actual question: Where do such scipting-related apps best go if NOT in the App folder?

So far, your answers suggest that there’s no such place.

True because faceless apps (FBA) are commonly either daemons or agents, where the latter have minimized UI in the UIServer (symbols next to the clock). In your case we’re talking about a daemon and should be installed in the daemon folder. This means that the application may have no UI at all while a FBA normally have minimum UI and should be considered an agent. So your guess would be installing it in the Library’s agent folder.

However I would discourage it to do. Agents and Daemons installed in their folder should be handled by launchd and only by launchd. The same reason why FBA’s like System Events and Database Events are installed in a CoreServices folder rather than in the agent folder. While in fact the application is an agent, it would be out of context putting it in the agent folder. Therefore the splashscreen is common, show application information when double clicked. Another common scenario is a new folder in the user’s home library (often with company name) and install the FBA in there.