Transnomino have AppleScript support.

Hi All, I hope everyone is well.

I like to share with you all a wonderful application that are in early state of AppleScript support.
Its Bastiaan Verreijt from Holland with his Transnomino application.

Its a application to rename files with lot of options


  1. You build a recipe and store that has json recipe.
  2. You open a directory folder of files and load the recipt.
  3. Execute and return the result.
tell application "Transnomino"
	-- clear
	clear transformers
	-- open the json recipe that are saved from Transnomino.
	open recipe POSIX path of (path to pictures folder) & "sample.recipe"
	-- choose folder of files for actions
	open directory (POSIX path of (choose folder))
	set totalcount to get total count of validation result
	set renamecount to get rename count of validation result
	set errorcount to get error count of validation result
	-- execute the action.
	rename without force
end tell

-- log total files, total rename and total error. 
log {totalcount, renamecount, errorcount}