using a colored type for the "From" column of MacMail

Hi all,

A friend of mine asked if he can send a mail with Mac Mail (v. 2.1.3) and have his name appear in color in the “From” column at the recipient’s end. We did a search in some MacMail forums and found no solution. So I don’t know if this is possible at all, or if and how this could be done with a script. That’s why I’m posting this question here to find out. Any ideas are welcome.

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Ronny Courtens - Belgium

No. All eMail applications handle the display of mail information in different ways, there is no possibility to modify this from the outside. You can only e.g. set the priority of your eMail.

Only if the recipient is also using Apple Mail, you can ask him to set up a special rail mule highlighting your eMail with a special color. That’s how Apple is doing it with the pre-installed mail rules to give their advertisements more attention.

That’s what I thought. Thank you for confirming this.

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