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How do I get everything after the @ sign on emails

Rob , Marc, terribly sorry about that. I deleted the message because I thought it was kind of stupid of me. I finished the applescript that i was making that caused that question. Terribly sorry. Can I ask your help on another problem though? I am in the process of writing an apple script that reads a file, sorts the information in it into groups and saves each group into a file. I was trying to sort email addresses by domain name, but I don't quite have the manipulation part down. How would I retrieve the domains ( or rather, every thing after the @ sign) in an email address? Kinda like having the apple script sort every emails it has in memory by, just because it found 1 that ended in

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Re: How do I get everything after the @ sign on emails

Well, here's a quick example of a way to extract the domain from an email address.


set theAddress to ""
set theDomain to text ((offset of "@" in theAddress) + 1) thru end of theAddress
display dialog theDomain

Rob (who answered quickly so that the answer would arrive before the question disappeared) ;-)



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