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Geometric Bounds and Visible Bounds in InDesign


If I put in page big image in a small box (cropped visually) the geometric bounds and visible bounds related to image (parent of link x) return me exactly the same values.
I expect that visible bounds return me different value that geometric.
Somebody has suggestions?

Even if the physical crop is executed when user generate PDF, I would like to crop image and optimize them.
For optimize all is solved, for crop I cannot figure out to get correct values.


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Shane Stanley
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Re: Geometric Bounds and Visible Bounds in InDesign

It sounds like you want the geometric bounds of the frame that contains the image -- probably something like parent of (get item 1 of all graphics of document 1 whose item link = link x).

Shane Stanley <>



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Re: Geometric Bounds and Visible Bounds in InDesign

A little late to this conversation but today I was wondering why the values for the geometric bounds and the visible bounds can be different for an object in Indesign. I would have expected them to be the same.

I found out that it was the stroke on the object which changed its visible size and position. The wire frame stays the same and is reflected as the geometric bounds but the visible bounds change according to the thickness of the stroke.

The visible bounds are those reflected in the control bar.



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