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Re: Why Doesn't This Code Work?

Yvan Koenig wrote:

And what I see doesn't match KniazidisR's statements (but am'I really surprised by that?).

I made a mistake in my testing. I tried giving the folder an extension and tried to trick Finder or System Events hiding the extension. So, I gave the wrong information - I "can deceive" System Events, not Finder. That is, the opposite is true. Just the System Events takes the text after the dot as name extension, is it hidden or now. Testing the same with file, both Finder and System Events returns trust result.

That is, it is better not to argue about name extensions with Finder. roll Makes sense to delete my previous post so as not to mislead users anymore. It turns out that not this Finder behaviour is harmful to health, but namely my previous post...

Yvan Koenig wrote:

(*visible name is 2018-11-23 Taxe habitation Roquesteron.pdf, theNewArt is SSD 1000:Users:**********:Documents:Important:ƒ banque:2018-11-23 Taxe habitation Roquesteron.pdf.JPG

Don't forget I don't apply this new name to the real file yet. So, it is true.

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Shane Stanley
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Re: Why Doesn't This Code Work?


The database (part of Launch Services) is not maintained by the Finder -- it is consulted by the Finder -- that's how it knows what application to use when you double-click on a document.

Your characterisation of other approaches as lazy is incorrect: it's a deliberate policy. Extensions are defined variously in system documentation as that text that follows the last . in a file name. They are not limited to those registered in a user's Launch Services database.

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