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Ann: New ebook: Switch Control with AppleScript


This is the first ebook full written in English (it is a hard work).

This ebook descibe what's the "Switch Control" is and guides how to create it by yourself.
Though it is not well-known feature of macOS, it is very useful for every macOS users.

This contains supplement sample Switch Control I made. It has strong scripts in it using full Cocoa scripting technology.

Suppliment sample Switch Panel is downloadable.



--Finder Panel
Open each folder with new Finder windows

--iTunes/Music Panel
Play control & source switching, EQ control, visualizer

--Keynote Panel
Calendar generator, duplicate current slide , Title exporter, Successful title changer (child number generator)

--Safari Panel
Title displayer, Window merger, Window URL saver, Window URL to TextEdit, external link exporter, image exporter, table data exporter, Safari searcher, Search and save each URL, 30 days web activity graph, 10 days access domain ranking, 10 days Google search keyword ranking

--Sound Panel
Sound I/O volume control

Thank you,

Takaaki Naganoya

I wrote thousands of AppleScript to realize my idea. Natural language interface, voice recognition commander and so on. Though my mother toungue is strange language, Japanese, my most frequently write language is AppleScript. I believe it is for making things easy and powerful.



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