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Need Xcode Table with Drag/Drop Rows for AppleScript

OK, I'm now starting to build my first complex GUI for AppleScript using the Xcode ASObjC tool.
I'm running Xcode 7.3.1 (10188.1) on macOS 10.11.4.

I need to create a GUI object for a table (sourced to AS list) where I can drag/drop the rows (with multiple columns) to reorder, and then return the new order as a revised AS list.

I just thought I'd ask for any resources that would aid in my learning to do this, using the Xcode GUI Builder.
I'm not asking for anyone to build this for me, just to point me in the right direction.
Of course, if there is already an example for this available, then that would be great.


(I did search here for "tableview drag" and found only one old topic".  If I missed any relevant topics, please post the link to them and/or the search keywords.)

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