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Resetting preferences indesign

I am still looking for a solution to resetting some specific preferences in InDesign.
This script does not generate any errors, and most of the items are functional, EXCEPT for the pasteboard preferences items. Neither command changes the margins or the match preview preferences. Any ideas??



tell application "Adobe InDesign CC 2017"
   tell document preferences
       set facing pages to false
   end tell
   tell pasteboard preferences
       set pasteboard margins to {2, 2}
       set match preview background to theme color to false
   end tell
   tell general preferences
       set use application frame to false
       set application bar shown to false
       set show legacy new document dialog to true
       set ui brightness preference to 1.0
   end tell
   tell view preferences
       set horizontal measurement units to inches
       set vertical measurement units to inches
   end tell
   tell gpu performance preferences
       set enable animated zoom to false
   end tell
   tell preflight options
       set preflight off to true
   end tell
   tell image preferences
       set preserve bounds to false
   end tell
   do script "app.applyWorkspace('SmartStream Designer');" language javascript
end tell



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