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how to get myriad tables working in xcode app ?

I am trying to use "Myriad Table Lib" in my Xcode project, and seem to have hit the wall in getting it to work,
I have created a brand new test project, I have created a Resources folder and in that folder a Script Libraries folder and placed "Myriad Tables Lib.scptd" in the folder, also tried just adding the "SMSTableDialogBuilder.framework" to the frameworks folder, under "Targets" I have added a Key "Privacy - Access to a File Provide Domain Usage Description", signed my app, yet I continually get this error

"The bundle “SMSTableDialogBuilder” couldn’t be loaded because it is damaged or missing necessary resources. (error -4960)"

Can some one help out as to what I may be doing wrong, or haven't done please.



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Shane Stanley
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Re: how to get myriad tables working in xcode app ?

I don't think you're doing anything wrong. In a test here I can see it all being loaded fine, but for some reason the table isn't appearing.

I've put it on my list of things to look into when I get time, but honestly, it's not meant for use in Xcode -- you can build your own tables there.

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