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Having Google Assistant run a task for you on MacOS

Ok ok

I'm loving automation having just completed my first task and now I am wanting to take it one step further.

I use an android phone with Google Assistant, It would be great if Google Assistant could talk to my Mac and run an Apple Script.

Is this at all possible?

Failing this I'm pretty sure Siri must be able to do this?



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Re: Having Google Assistant run a task for you on MacOS

macOS has two voice control system. Siri and Voice commands.

Siri is not AppleScript aware system. Voice commands can call AppleScript.

If you have AirPods, you can use it with Mac.
Voice commands can hear your voice via AirPods.

Tough voice command accepts fixed words only, it works.

If your android phone works as "wireless microphone" for Mac, your needs will be satisfied, I think.

I wrote thousands of AppleScript to realize my idea. Natural language interface, voice recognition commander and so on. Though my mother toungue is strange language, Japanese, my most frequently write language is AppleScript. I believe it is for making things easy and powerful.



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