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Database Events user interface

I have a few databases in DBE that from time to time will require editing.

Adding or deleting records; editing fields.

I store the data in files written and read as lists.

I'm thinking of using Myriad Tables as a user interface.

But, before I try to reinvent the wheel, I'm wondering if anyone has tried anything similar, and if there's anything to watch out for.

Or if there's already a Database Events editing system available.

Any thoughts?




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Re: Database Events user interface

See Database Events Examples in the book "Hanaan Rosenthal, Hamish Sanderson - Learn AppleScript The Comprehensive Guide to Scripting 3rd ed 2010".

Your script should be stay-open application.
Try to bound database with The script should create new document and set cells value to data from database automatically (in the on initaialize handler). Then, edit the cells in the Numbers.

Each delay, indicated in the on idle handler the script should take the cells value and put back into database. The on quit handler of your stay-open application should quit without saving the document, then quit stay-open application itself.

Also, it would not be out of place to add in the on quit handler a call to the updater handler (say, on update), which updates the database in accordance with the latest changes in (this handler will also use the on idle handler).

There is a lot of work here, and the specifics of your database are known only to you. Therefore, hardly anyone will write you a finished script. But, you begin, and they will help you with certain problems.

NOTE: begin with structure of stay-open script application

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Shane Stanley
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Re: Database Events user interface

How much data are you storing, and how are you interrogating it?

I store the data in files written and read as lists.

Do you mean update data?

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