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SSH, Midi, Server...

I like to share with you different ways to send message from device A to device B.
If you are looking for a way to execute AppleScript from mobile device.

Its no secret its possible to send Siri Shorcuts from iOS device to Mac.
And using the SSH to remote login and execute commands.

SSH use ip so it depend on the Network condition but it could give good result.


Client and server
This approach use a server on host computer and client send message to it.
The connection depends on the Network condition but it could feel slow compare to SSH.
Its possible to use cable connection but the test I have done its still slower and SSH.


Send note message over Midi.
This is very fast and have same experience as good network condition for SSH.
Midi controller could send message over Bluetooth, Network or USB.
In the Midi Audio Setup -> Show Audio Device pane we could enable iOS device that are
connected to our mac host. Now we are connected with USB cable to our mac host.

We need to have a program to translate midi message to useful things.

Now we could send note message to the mac host and execute AppleScript command.

And its very fast... smile


Have before talk about Portal Touch but this technology is slow compare to Midi and SSH.


MidiPipe is a free software that are able to pipe midi message from a device to host Mac
to execute AppleScript.


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