10.4.5 breakage?

In my nib I have a window (window 1). At runtime I create a new custom window (window 2). I then copy the content view from window 1 to window 2 and close window 1. The connections I had previously made in IB were still valid for window 2. But all of a sudden - that is, after upgrading to 10.4.5 - I ran into problems. The elements in window 2 (copied from window 1) are no longer recoqnized by name, and the connected handlers in my script are no longer triggered by actions in window 2 (keystrokes, etc).

Has anyone else noticed this? Any ideas how to fix it?

I have noticed this in the following situation:

I create window 1 Add things to it, name them, link them to applescript events.

Then I change my mind about the window in window 1

I create window 2. cut EVERYTHING from window 1, paste into window 2

( i generally undo and kill window 2 and live w/my mistake.)

Is this normal? What happens when you JUST want to change the kind of window your app uses? You lose EVERYTHING!


ps: Intel iMac w/xcode 2.2.1 and OS 10.4.5

More than once, my project has started behaving erratically after removing elements from a nib. The way I’ve ended up handling it is to start a new project in XCode, then manually recreate the nib as I would like it to be, then copy and paste the code (changing object references as necessary).

It’s also bugged me that an existing UI element can’t be added to a container (such as a tab view or scroll view) other than via the “make subviews of” menu item. While that usually works for the first tab view item, I usually end up deleting my objects and recreating them for the second tab view item. Which, of course, sometimes leads to the nib corruption noted above.

All of which is a real downer, but I feel somewhat consoled when I think about how much time I save by using IB and Cocoa rather than any other GUI building solution I’ve ever tried.

Still, it’d be nice if Apple would spend some serious man hours making their development environment and libraries as good as they can be.