10.4 Tiger and Quicktime 7

I am fairly new to AppleScripting, getting along fairly nicely, and I’m trying to put together a few bits of script to do various tasks with Quicktime. One such script calls for me to “Save Normally (Allowing Dependencies)” as it was called in QT6–I have a need to create various wrapper files for different things. In QT7, it’s called “Save as a reference movie.” Since QT6 was recordable and QT7 seems not to be, I went to my older iMac (still running Panther/QT6) and found that the command was the rather straight-forward

save movie NNNN in file

When I try this with QT7, I get a non-compressed, solidified movie (all content put within a large file). I have tried exporting as a QuickTime MediaLink (not quite knowing what that is) and I get the same result. I have also seen scripts that save with the command “as self contained” but “as reference,” or “allowing dependencies,” or any other magic words do not seem to make it happen.

So, anyone know the magic words???

I’ve been hammering on this for a while now… still can’t make it happen.
Has anyone had experience with scripting QuickTime in such a manner?
Can anyone confirm that QuickTime 6 could do this, but QT7 cannot?
I’m at a loss here…thanks for any help! Also tried QuickTime 7.0.1 to no avail.

Just checking… have you checked the syntax in the QT 7 dictionary?

Yes, I have. And I am 90% certain that I want to ‘save’ rather than ‘export’. Like I was saying before, I also tried QT’s export ans QuickTime media link to try to make this work. Apparently, that’s not what I need either. Maybe the key is in the ‘string’ I need to define in the save command. Thing is, I can’t figure out what that string might be.

standard suite–
save‚v : Save an object.
save reference : the object to save, usually a document or window
[in file] : The file in which to save the object.
[as string] : The file type in which to save the data.

QuickTime Player Suite–
export‚v : Export a movie or track to a file
export reference : the movie or track to export
to file : the destination file
as AIFF/AVI/BMP/DV stream/Fast Start QTVR Movie/FLC/hinted movie/image sequence/interframe compressed VR object movie/MuLaw/MPEG2/MPEG4/picture/QuickTime media link/QuickTime movie/QuickTime TeXML/standard MIDI/System 7 sound/text file/ThreeGPP/wave : the desired file type
[using default settings/most recent settings] : the export settings to use
[using settings preset string] : the name of the export settings preset to use
[using settings file] : the file containing the export settings
[replacing boolean] : should the original file be deleted first?

I wish I could offer some help.

I can confirm that QT6 was very easy to save an open file with that script.

QT7 is a little too fresh maybe for someone to be ready to help us with this.

I used to use an actionscript to open .mpg files and then save them right back out again as .mov’s

I have also not been able to figure out how to bump volume to 256 and have it stay there once you save it and then reopen it again.

Let’s hope someone hears our call.