100% total noob -- need script to make all my online ichat accounts...

I need script to make all my online ichat accounts take turns iming a certain sn i enter in a dialog box…likei have 20 screennames signed on to iChat and I need them to all send one instant message taking turns…like first the first screenname will send an IM, then the second until it gets to 20 and starts over…(don’t worry this is just for pranks on like friends) the thing is i know nothing about apple scripting so if someone could write a script I’ll give you $5.00 over paypal…i dont have much…but i just need a dialog box for the victims sn, a message box for what im going to send, and a box for how many times to send…etc…if you can do this id be so apprciative, all i can find are these lame PC ones that of course wont work on mac. So I’d really apprciate this…now i know someone posted a ichat spammer on these forums before but it didnt work for me and plus i need it so ALL my bots im one person.

So any help would be apprciated please.