13+ Mb of RAM usage on AppleScript Objec Projects

Ok I’m just starting to get my head around memory management. I noticed my apps all seemed to be using 13+ mbs of ram at all time despite being fairly simple.

I made some code changes and it didn’t make much of a difference, but today I made a blank AppleScript Objec project and launched it, in activity monitor it is using 14.7mb of ram despite it containing nothing.

Is this normal? Two of my apps constantly run in the background so would like to get that number as low as I can.

Any thoughts appreciated :).

Even an app that does “nothing” consumes a certain amount of memory – it has to put up a menu bar, load frameworks, and so on. A few MB is neither here nor there theses days.

The main think you want to avoid is memory leaks, where the memory footprint keeps growing. But with the way the OS handles memory these days, even that’s rarely a big deal.

The fact is that ASObjC apps have little control over their memory usage, and there’s not much point worrying about something you can’t control.