$250 Small Project with Filemaker 7 and Applescript

Please contact me at silavox@gmail.com if interested in the following project for $250:

Within Filemaker Pro 7, user clicks button, and iSight (or other video device) begins recording for X Minutes or until button is clicked again. There would also need to be a countdown timer showing the amount of time left.

The resulting QT clip is then inserted into a FM container.

Another button would do the same thing except with a still picture instead of video.

Part 2 would be a button that FTPs all media files made from above to a server.


Model: mini
AppleScript: any version you want
Browser: Safari 412.2.2
Operating System: Mac OS X (10.4)

I’d love to help. And I have a few ideas. But I have no Filemaker Pro.
Can Applescript studio/xcode be used?

You might need an extra Filemaker Plugin to complete this job.
Troi.nl has a video plugin for FMP 5.5 and higher. (see http://www.troi.nl/software/grabberplugin.html)

You can contact me if you need more help. I’m a professional Filemaker developer.


update : I just tried the FMPro plugin with Filemaker 7. The plugin works, but my iSight doesn’t. In Filemaker 6 it works just fine and it’s very easy to capture iSight images in a container.

I’m aware of the Troi plug-in, but am hesitant to use it since it is discontinued.
On second thought I suppose Filemaker doesn’t even have to be used, Applescpript StudioXcode would work fine if you could get it to work in a Kiosk type mode, where the user wouldn’t be able to exit the program. It would also have to export a few fields of user input into a text file, as well as be able to choose from and create new projects. IE, Admin creates 3 “projects”. User chooses one of the 3, and all user input would be specific to that project. All input, video and pics from that project would be put in a unique folder that is uploaded to an FTP server by Admin.