-916 error with SOAP requests

Hello all!

I’m newbie here and have a doubt about consuming a web service using AppleScript and the “call soap” statement.

I’m always getting a -916 error, I know this is related to my connection to Internet. I’m behind a proxy server, but I don’t know what is going on …

Can somebody help me, please ?


I did some research on the subject some time ago and ran into the same kind of trouble (error -916), however that was with xml-rpc. I think it was Ray that suggested it had something to do with proxies. Consequently, I build this PHP-page for testing purposes on my private network as to avoid this proxyproblem. the xml-rpc sevice only worked half : I guess there was something wrong with the passing of parameters, as it always reverted to the default reply, like ignoring the parameters. However error -916 was gone (-916=portClosedErr=The port was closed ), apparently a firewall/nat/proxy kind of error.
Which brings me to the revolting conclusion that people behind a proxy cannot use xml-rpc?!?!? I can’t believe it, too nuts to be true. We are doing something wrong here, or at least there should be some workaround, but I can’t think of one yet.
brainstorm anyone?