»as text« vs. »as unicode text« vs. »as string« and encodings

Hi there,

I still have difficulties with the new System (10.5.x/10.6.x and PPC vs Intel) with AppleScript 2.x and text encodings.

I have a pile of scripts developed until 10.4.x. Most of them work directly, but some have stopped working because of »as unicode text« and »as string« behave different. Searching the web I couldn’t find useful threads or bits of information to help me clarify this.

So: Can anybody please explain me or has a good sorce for information about the changes with new AS 2.x, Intel vs. PPC etc. in combination with file actions (read, write), variables/lists and text encodings (MACROMAN, little and big endian UTF-16, UTF-16 etc.)?
I need something like: If you »write xyz as unicode text« on an intel Mac with AS 2.x you write out UTF-16 big endian encoding. Or: If you switch from PPC to Intel xyz you have to face zyx problems with text encoding etc.

Thanks in advance!


the best reference is AppleScript Release Notes for 10.5