A big thanks to all of you great guys at macscripter!

Hi All!

I’d just like to say a big thanks to all of the talented guys here that have helped me in the past! Today I’ve released my first commercial Mac application, called Xwrap!

If it wasn’t for you guys I probably wouldn’t have been able to actually build it! LOL So I thought I’d come back and thank you all!

BTW, I’d be very interested in hearing your feedback in regards to the actual program I’ve made… It converts Web Applets and Web Sites into REAL mac applications! It’s pretty cool! Check it out here:


There are free demos (for both Mac and Windows), as well as 3 quicktime movies showing how it works in different scenarios! Any feedback would be much appreciated!

Thanks a lot guys!

-Mel :wink:


Great job!

Is your app actually a Java applet encased in a webview?
I really like how it looks. I wonder how much future development
will take advantage of the webview as you have.

We are open to learning as well so if you are so inclined to
share some of how you accomplished your app. we will all
be grateful.



Hi Craig!

Unfortunatley, the company I work for won’t allow me to reveal much …

I can say however that this is not a customized or “subclassed” webview. I simply took traditional functions and thought ‘outside-the-box’. Depending on what the user selected, it could be any Web applet, not just a java web applet.

I’m really glad you like it! In future I will obviously help people out with ideas for anti-piracy, and other components not directly related to the product itself. I welcome people to send any questions my way … I’ll be glad to help if I can!

Xwrap will see an evolution over the coming months (for version 2.0) to ALSO be able to build WINDOWS applications in the same way (not just mac apps). We’re currently still working on this and there are a few technical issues to still be worked out … But we’re confident we’ll get there!

The product’s ideology is all about bridging the web to the desktop!

Thanks for the feedback!