A cry for help/Possible OS X Finder or AS bug?

I am not using OSX, but I can imagine that you have to refer to the variable “helloPath” in a different way.
I am not sure what OSX specifies as the “target” of that - but it could be something different than a true location spec.
In OS9, I tried your script to find that reopenMe returns a window specification (container window of folder “yyyy” of folder “xxxx” of startup disk of application “Finder”). Here, “open folder” would correctly read folders properties from disk - in OSX I am not aware of what “make new Finder window at” EXACTLY does.
Note. OS 9.2.2. is ever more pecky on these kind of things - in my case a reference that is not exactly “official” leads to crashing the Finder.
Hope this helps,
Eelco Houwink