A little Keychain scripting

This script provides an example of Keychain scripting. From the AppleScript Users List.

OS version: OS X

set theShortUserName to do shell script "/usr/bin/whoami" --get the short
userid. This is how your default keychain is labled.

tell application "Keychain Scripting"
    set myKeyChain to keychain theShortUserName
    set theKeyList to every Internet key of myKeyChain --email keys are
normally Internet Keys
    repeat with x from 1 to (length of theKeyList)
        set theKey to item x of theKeyList
        if the name of theKey is "name of key here" then
            set thePassword to password of theKey --grab the password
            set theUserID to the account of theKey  --grab the userid
        end if
    end repeat
end tell