“on open location” handler in Cocoa-Applescript? (custom URL schemes)


There’s a guide here: http://www.macosxautomation.com/applescript/linktrigger/index.html

about how to launch your Applescript app by clicking a link of the form:

But does anyone know how to do this in a Cocoa-Applescript application?

There’s some perhaps-relevant information here about the required steps and how to do it in objC - does anyone know how to convert or merge this into a Cocooa-Applescript project? :\


I’ve done the info.plist stuff, and now my app activates when I click a link with my URL scheme, but I think the critical bit is step 3: “Register the URL handler method”

I’ve tried for instance:

on handleGetURLEvent_(this_URL)
         tell me to log "URL: " & this_URL
end handleGetURLEvent_

but to no avail, it doesn’t get called on click - I’m probably missing some stuff to import or register that method?