A script for doing some work on a subtree


The speed of this script makes watching paint dry entertaining.

But the reason for it is to make it as simple as possible to do some stuff on the files and/or folders in a subtree.

Below is a working example, edit it after your needs. If you either don’t need to do something with files or folders,
then just pass missing value where the script object with that handler should have been passed at the initial call.

The example deletes every file in the subtree, leaving the folders intact.


-- generic construct for operations on a subtree can do actions on folders in subtree or on files, or both
-- the idea is to just wrap another handler which takes a file as an argument into the script object and 
-- just call up the script object with that handler.
-- The Idea and implementation and any faults is totally mine. © McUsr 2010 and put in the Public Domain.
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set theRootFolderAsAlias to choose folder

traverseTree(theRootFolderAsAlias, fileHandlerObject, missing value)

script fileHandlerObject
	on handleAfile(aRefToAFile)
		tell application "Finder"
				delete aRefToAFile
			on error
				set locked of aRefToAFile to false
					delete aRefToAFile
				on error
					tell me
						display dialog "Can't delete the file : " & (aRefToAFile as alias)
						error -128
					end tell
				end try
			end try
		end tell
	end handleAfile
end script

script folderHandlerObject
” Left as an exercise since I didn't need it then. Se folderHandlerObject above to get the hang of it.
end script

on traverseTree(hfsFolderNameAsAlias, aFileHandler, aFolderHandler)
	tell application "Finder"
		if not aFileHandler is missing value then
			set tSelectedFiles to (every file of folder hfsFolderNameAsAlias) as alias list
			if tSelectedFiles ≠ {} then
				repeat with aFile in tSelectedFiles
					tell fileHandlerObject to handleAfile(aFile)
				end repeat
			end if
		end if
		set tFolders to (every folder of hfsFolderNameAsAlias)
		repeat with tThisFolder in tFolders
			my traverseTree(tThisFolder as alias, aFileHandler, aFolderHandler)
		end repeat
		if not aFolderHandler is missing value then
			tell aFolderHandler to handleAFolder(tThisFolder as alias)
		end if
	end tell
end traverseTree

Best Regards