A silly little game - a reaction time trial

Not too surprisingly, my scores in this little game are inversely proportional to my consumption of ale. Just starting it and holding down ‘Enter’ while it runs will miss 2/3 of the tries, with what is the best possible time on the hits on your machine.

-- Uses the GetMilliSec osax found at http://osaxen.com/files/getmillisec1.0.1.html
-- If you don't have it, you can download it immediately at the URL below
-- http://files.macscripter.net/Osax2/Finder-System/getmillisecosax1.0.1.sit
-- Then put the uncompressed file in your ~/Library/ScriptingAdditions/ folder.

property wrongs : {"Oops", "Gotcha", "Bletch", "Slithy Tove", "Charisma", "Nope", "You wish", "Too Bad", "Not Here", "No Click"}
property rights : {"Click Here", "This One", "Yes Here", "You've Got It", "Please Click", "Yes Indeed"}
property orders : {{1, 2, 3}, {1, 3, 2}, {2, 1, 3}, {2, 3, 1}, {3, 1, 2}, {3, 2, 1}}
property DfltBttn : {1, 2, 3}

set {total, teetotal, drat, keepGoing} to {0, 0, 0, true}

repeat while keepGoing is true
	set tButtons to getButtons()
	set strtTime to GetMilliSec
	set btnClked to button returned of ¬
		(display dialog "Let's see how fast you are..." buttons tButtons ¬
			default button (some item of DfltBttn))
	set clkTime to GetMilliSec
	if rights contains btnClked then
		set rspnsTime to (clkTime - strtTime)
		set total to total + 1
		set teetotal to teetotal + rspnsTime
		set keepGoing to getChoice((rspnsTime / 1000 as string) & " seconds")
		set drat to drat + 1
		set keepGoing to getChoice("Oops, you missed!")
	end if
end repeat
if drat ≠ 0 then
	set msg to "but you missed " & drat & " out of " & total & " tries."
	set msg to "without a miss. The buttons didn't fool you!"
end if
set avg to teetotal / total div 10

display dialog "You averaged " & avg / 100 & " seconds per click" & return & return & msg

to getChoice(status)
	if button returned of (display dialog status & ¬
		" seconds" buttons {"I Quit", "Again"} default button "Again") = "Again" then
		return true
		return false
	end if
	return keepGoing
end getChoice

to getButtons()
	set vars to {some item of wrongs, some item of wrongs, some item of rights}
	set tOrder to some item of orders
	set Btn to {}
	repeat with aNum in tOrder
		set end of Btn to item aNum in vars
	end repeat
	return Btn
end getButtons