A very simple iPod notes hack

… A very simple hack for putting notes on your iPod …
Having had little success with various freeware apps promising to make it easy to keep notes on my iPod, I’ve come up with a very simple hack instead.
You only need three things to use this hack (besides an iPod and a computer):
(A) A basic text editor such as Simpletext or Appleworks
(B) The ability to copy-and-paste
(C) The ability to follow directions!
FIRST: Copy the following text into your editing program:
FN:- Note title here
NEXT: Just follow these four easy steps:
STEP A: Replace the words “Note title here” with a short title for your note.
STEP B: Replace the words “Note text here” with the text of your note.
STEP C: Save this as a text file whose last four characters are: .vcf
STEP D: Drag that file into the Contacts folder of your iPod.
– Do not alter any of the other text, which are labels that tell your iPod how to handle your note. For example, the dash (-) immediately before the Note title will help force your note to the top of your Contacts list.
– Your note will appear as an unbroken string of text, unless you use the following characters to separate paragraphs: =0D=0A=0D=0A (Yes, I know this looks like junk, but trust me, it works.)
– If you have a pre-existing note, and you are using a text editor such as Appleworks, use the Find/Replace function to find all line breaks (p in Appleworks) with the characters.
– You can put multiple contacts into one text file, so long as each begins with “begin:vcard” and ends with “end:vcard”
All of this could easily be converted into an Applescript by some enterprising person. Please email me if you do: pratt@mhcable.com

Select the “About…” menu item of the iPod and press for 3 seconds on the roud button […} Have fun. Jean-Baptiste LE STANG