AAAAhhhh help

First off what a great site…

I have poked around and picked up a good deal.


How do i get this to run in a apple script

| awk -F’ ‘$4"/“==”’$1’" { print $2 }’

I am bouncing my head of a wall…

If you open the Standard Additions dictionary in your script editor, you will see an entry for the “do shell script” command. This is the way to call command line tools from AppleScript. There is a property of AppleScript strings called “quoted form”, that will propery coerce a string into a shell quoted value for you:

set str to "A 'string' value."

set str to quoted form of str
--> "'A '\''string'\'' value.'"
--	The shell will see:
--> 'A '''string''' value.'

do shell script ("echo " & str) --> "A 'string' value."